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5 Hofstede’s Dimensions. Paraguay and United States.

40 and 49 are the percentages given to the US and Argentina in Power Distance. There is not a big difference because I think in all countries there are almost the same problems. Even today, there are a lot of social difference. It is very important to people the way they dress or behave. Concerning to the power given to a boss or somebody in any enterprise is also remarkable.  In my country is the same.

The difference between  the United States and Argentina is huge, 91 to 46, that make us realize the different culture here in North America and South America. Argentinians are very individualist too comparing to Paraguay. In Paraguay people are friendly and will always give a hand to someone who needs it. So, if Hofstede had to compare Paraguay and the US would definitely be a  higher difference.

62 to 56 is the difference concerning Masculinity/Femininity which tells us that this countries are almost half and half aware of the competitiveness as well as the high standard of life. Paraguay should have the same percentage, even though is not a well developed country, people try to be better and always improve the quality of life they are having.

The US scored 46 in Uncertainty Avoidance because it is a well developed country and people are concerned about the future of things. However, Argentina got 86 that is not a very nice score, still, I think Paraguay would have scored even higher because of its inhabitant’s lifestyle. Paraguayans are very calm people and do not think too much about their future even if they know they have to do something about it. That’s the reason why I think that.

Knowing that the US scored 29 in the Long Term Orientation makes me think that Paraguay might also score almost the same because thy both are based on a short-term basis.

Personally, I don’t think a country’s culture is better than other one because people are not the same in all regions. However, I think my country’s inhabitants should improve their errors and weaknesses to get better results or lifestyle. The economy for instance is getting better, but is a long way to cover. That doesn’t mean they should become like any other culture, just improve and change some things.

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Prof. Hofstede research and Paraguayan Culture

Since my country (Paraguay) is not on the list, I will be talking about Prof. Hofstede’s research about Argentina, because is a neighbor country and we might have the same average in some of these topics.  I am not very involved in the economy of my country so my opinions will be based on the news I heard or some experiences I’ve been through or people have told me.

I cannot be surprised about the 49 given to Argentina in Power Distance. I think in Paraguay will be almost the same, since not always is an “equal territory” for all people. It is also stated that “In this society status should be underlined. Appearance is very important: the (dark) attire or sober tailleur, the valuable watch, an expensive hotel, these elements allow inferring about power and facilitating the entrée”. I agree 100% with that opinion. In some places might have a free organization and can be easy for a low position person to communicate with the major boss or something, whereas there are other places where this would not be possible. That’s why I agree with the almost half (49) given to Argentina.

46 was given to Argentina concerning Individualism. I cannot relate this number to my country, since Argentina is a well known individualist country. Paraguay is a friendly country where family, group of friends or even sports group are very important to people. I definitely think my country would have had a higher percentage on this topic.

Paraguay still has a very strong masculine society, that’s the main reason of why I cannot agree 100% with the 56 given to Argentina. That country has been more open minded and for instance chose a woman for their president.

Argentina scored high on Uncertainty Avoidance, I think Paraguay would have had the same score or even higher. It is not nice to admit it but Paraguay is a very corrupted country. As Hofstede mention the black market, I cannot go through without mentioning this. Ciudad del Este is a paraguayan city well known because is a huge place to shop and sell, but it is also -in my opinion- the capital of the cheap and not original products.

Not having a score in the Long-term orientation make this category difficult to talk about. However, I think my country would not have a very high score here since people are normally used to do everything half/half. That means that for instance a person who need money would take a job to get it and then quit it and began study or search a better place to work.

I admit that my knowledge might not be the best one but I give my opinion about this topic. I want people to feel free to leave a comment or correct me if there is something I missed. Feel welcome!

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